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Anesthesia & Pain Management Success

May 31, 2019

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This week I speak with Dr. Wael Saasouh, an anesthesiologist from Lebanon.  He shares his perspectives about working as an attending in Lebanon, then transitioning to the US to do another residency in anesthesiology.  He discusses many of the challenges that he and his wife faced...

May 24, 2019

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This week's guest is Dr. Ana Maria Crawford.  She brings some amazing perspective as a physician who trained and teaches in a top academic center, while she also has a strong global health focus and has built a lot of infrastructure to equip younger physicians to pursue practice in...

May 19, 2019

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This week I talk to Dr. Yu Chiu live at ASIPP 2019 about how he managed to knock out his student loans before finishing residency.  We discuss his parents' influence on his financial perspectives, how to live affordably in NYC, and what resources he recommends for physicians...

May 11, 2019

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This week I talk to Dr. Timur Ozelsel about his mission to raise awareness among clinicians about the practice of anesthesia in a way that minimizes damage to the environment.  He shares about how living in Germany exposed him to an environmentally-conscious lifestyle, how he has...

May 4, 2019

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I talk with Dr. Aalap Shah about how he dives right into entrepreneurship in anesthesia, some of the specialized training he pursued in order to help him add value in practice consulting, how he has managed to build his own schedule with his clinical practice, and his advice for...